Astronaut Space Training

This is a totally new and exciting experience week organized by 47 Degrees SARL.

For only 6 persons.

Within one week you experience some of the most demande training programs of the Astronauts.

  • Enjoy the low level flights in a Hawker Hunter in the middle of the Swiss Alps.
  • Fly like a bird and experience the thrill of four Skydiving free falls.
  • Replicate Chuck Yeager’s first flight through the sound barrier, the Apollo 11 launch, docking manoeuvres to the ISS, and finally, the landing of the Space Shuttle on Earth. All this with the “Space Walker” Centrifuge and Flight Simulator.
  • Feel Mars and Moon gravity and weightlessness with the Parabolic Flights.
    Your day will start with a briefing then you will enjoy, in the AIRBUS A310, fifteen parabolas under the supervision of Dr. Ir. V. Pletser.

During this training week you will be accompagnied by Dr.Ir. Pletser ( World Record holder for number of parabolic flight planes, presently at Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and enjoy a very special visit of the Space Expo and the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC).

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